Celebrity Interview

Whilst in my second year at university, I studied a module called Celebrity Journalism. I was required to source and conduct my very own celebrity interview, which proved quite difficult finding a celebrity who I was able to contact myself. The brief explained that the interview had to be for either, print, online or broadcast, therefore I chose print and created a magazine article. I had to choose a publication that my article would be published in.

Fortunately, successful Emmerdale actor, Kelvin Fletcher agreed to an interview. I based the interview around not only his acting, but his career in car racingfletcher-interview and his success in fitness.

I feel this is one of my best pieces of journalism to date, and was graded 88%. The feedback stated:

“Overall your writing style, spelling, punctuation and grammar are excellent. It is newsworthy and has a clear angle, discussing his other career in car racing.”

From Soap Star to Sports Star, Kelvin Fletcher Shares His Secrets to Keeping Fit.

With a busy acting career and now a successful future in car racing, the Emmerdale star explains how he stays in shape, whilst juggling a hectic lifestyle. Including the ups and downs of acting and what success means to him. By Molly Marsden.


The 32-year-old began car racing four years ago, when he won the Championship of Clubsport driving Mini’s, “it was a bit of a fluke”, he laughs. This surprising achievement gave Kelvin the confidence to take up racing as a career instead of it just being hobby, alongside his acting.

The actor is now racing in the British Touring Car Championship, which is the biggest in the country. He said: “There are already a lot of doubters, people saying that I shouldn’t be racing and I’m not good enough but I’m confident that by half way through the season I’ll have proved many people wrong.”

Kelvin explains how expensive the sport is to participate, having to find as much support and sponsorship from businesses and other contributors to sponsor him. “My little ace card was the fact that I was somebody on the TV and had a profile and a following already. I had to use this to my advantage to gain enough sponsorship” he said.

“The best race for me so far has got to be my first race, I came second, but it was the fact that it was my first time racing and I’ll never forget that feeling it gave me.” He said, with a smile on his face. Kelvin continues, “I’ve always been a car fanatic, so to be a fan of racing first and then a racer I feel like I appreciate it a little bit more.”

The racer spoke about his experiences whilst on the track, “I once crashed whilst at about 130mph in Porsche. It was one of the scariest things that’s ever happened to me.”

“Thankfully I wasn’t injured. At the time, I was more concerned about the damage I’d caused to the car to be honest!” he laughs.

For the past 20 years, the performer has appeared onscreen in the hit soap, Emmerdale, as the character Andy Sugden. Growing up with hundreds of shirtless scenes, it’s obvious that Kelvin has worked hard from a young age to look good for the cameras.

He said: “I think it’s really important as an actor to keep in shape, especially for a character like mine who’s kind of expected to look good with and without my top on.”

Kelvin started out his acting career in his home town, Oldham. From the age of six he attended an amateur dramatics workshop, which led him onto his successful, lengthy career on the week-night soap.

“You have some days where you’re playing a big story or a stunt scene and that’s really exciting because this is a hobby that I had as a kid. It’s brilliant.” He said.

However, he has not always found acting from a young age easy.

“That’s the problem growing up in a small town, people get jealous when they see others doing well, they don’t know me and probably think I’m arrogant, but I’m not like that at all. They only see me as the character on TV.”

With many ups and downs, one thing Kelvin has learnt through life is “ to never take things personal”.

He said: “You’re always being challenged and judged on everything you do, you have a big responsibility.”

“I’m different to my character in many ways. We’re from completely different backgrounds, I guess we’re both pretty sensitive souls and aware but yeah I couldn’t be any further different you know, I’m massively different to him.”

As an actor, Kelvin Fletcher enjoys a challenge, from being on the edge of suicide or having an affair whilst playing Andy Sugden, he said, “With the bigger challenges you get, the more testing roles you have to play, but that’s what you look for as an actor, something so far from you in real life. It’s actually surreal, all my story lines are different.”

The down-to-earth soap star discusses what he thinks the key to his success is: “We tag success with the size of your house, how famous you are, how many twitter followers you’ve got or how big your watch is, but my main success is my family and friends. I’m really proud of that.”


Kelvin Fletcher is seen as an inspiration for fitness with his ripped and toned muscles. He takes his training extremely serious as he struggles to maintain a regular and consistent routine because he has such a hectic lifestyle. He has to do an intense two-three month stint of dedicated training in order to stay in shape throughout the year.

Kelvin said: “I’ve got a really busy story line coming up at the moment, so I’ve been working non-stop and unfortunately I haven’t been training as much as I’d like to. That’s why, when my part isn’t as big in the show, I make sure I train as hard as possible in the time I have free.” The actor explains how he easily gets bored when doing the same things in training, which is why he ensures to mix it up.

He said: “It’s paramount that I try out different things every couple of months so I don’t get fed up with training. I began cycling in 2008 which I really enjoyed. I would cycle 30-40 miles each time I went out on my bike, I just wish I had more time for that now. But sometimes I would cycle 150 miles a week!”

The multi-talented sports star describes the kinds of workouts he completes at the moment, “I’m doing strength and conditioning training at a local gym, there’s about six of us in a group, working with a personal trainer. Along with weight lifting and some cardio, I like the competitiveness within the group as I feel it pushes me to do more.”


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