Television News Reports

Reporting the news is something I am passionate about and dedicated to. As part of my degree and in my spare time, I create professional television reports on local news for Quays News, my university channel.

From year one of my course, I was taught the basics of filming and editing, and what makes a successful news package for television. As I moved into my second year at university, I really felt myself develop with the work I was producing compared to previous. Now in my third and final year, I feel more confident presenting on camera, I know what kind of pictures to collect whilst out filming, and my editing skills using Avid Media Composer have improved drastically.

Being a journalist involves excellent time management skills, ensuring you work towards the deadlines you are given. Whilst participating in practice news days, I am now able to find a news story in the morning, source interviews, go out and film the package, edit and have a full package ready to broadcast on the evening show. This is one of my greatest accomplishments, as it has allowed me to see my growth over the years at university, and I finally feel almost ready to face the real working environment of journalism.

I have created my own YouTube channel which showcases the television reports I have made over the years. Most are shot on a professional camera with high standard equipment, however, I filmed two packages on my mobile phone to show examples of mobile journalism and how it can be used to report breaking news immediately.

  • Water Contamination in Tameside

  • Saddleworth Burglaries

  • Cancer Research UK Funding in Manchester Centre

  • Kidskin 5K Fun Run in Salford

  • Lollipop Patrol Cuts in Trafford

  • Clown Sightings around Greater Manchester


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